Thursday, March 31, 2011

DBSK duo - Before U Go 이것만은 알고가 MV

Gotta say that the video and song don't really match, but still.. cool MV~~

Composer: Han-Jin Yoo, Young-Jin Yoo
Lyricist: Young-Jin Yoo
Arranger: Han-Jin Yoo

a little bit note from the translator :
The lyricist uses similar one-syllable words to create rhyme 
and I just left them in Korean so you will also get the sense of that rhythm as intended. 

"hooc" is a mimetic word describing a motion or a sound.

In this case, 'hooc' can be a short sound created at the moment of her flying away, or describing how she flies away, rather rapidly.
"hugh...": a sound you make in relief or in sigh
"hoo~": a sound created when you blow
"pooc": how you rest deeply in his arms (in the song)

while the words said before the song begins~ is my... guess.
I'm sure it's "I understand / I'll do as you say" but not sure what the next words are, 
so forgive me if it's wrong ^-^



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