Monday, May 30, 2011

JYJ - In Heaven (Fancam Mix)

DO NOT REUPLOAD (any of my subbed videos)
I didn't mention it in every post before, only in the index, and I caught 3 of my videos get reuploaded, 

I will sub the other 3 songs too, don't worry ヾ(^∇^)


audio by WilyRover (BKK)

JYJ fancam :
YanisRei (LA)
TheRarasaurus + @ssunsett (BKK)

Jaejoong focus fancams :
naneunnamja + baidu (BKK)
SKYJYJ + vickyssu (TW)

Yoochun focus fancams :
idkmybffdbsk (NJ)

Junsu focus fancams :
kahboonXIAH + Xiahsoul (BKK)
kahboonXIAH + sayxiah (BKK)

lyric transcription
1. DC TVXQ Gallery, 믹브라운 님, aided by 꽁D, 스크래치, ㅎㅌㄹ, 유동00, 인헤븐악개 님
2. snowdream (for some parts of the song that didn't match the lyric in JYJ3)

note : the lyric I used isn't 100% correct, even the audio I used and the recent LA one has some differences that I noticed
we'll have to wait until the album / concert DVD is released.

translation credit : JYJ3

romanization by me, s3adolphin

both song and lyrics are made by our very own Kim Jaejoong.