Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tohoshinki - Share The World

Lyrics by H.U.B
Music by Maeyamada Kenichi

This song is requested by Becca.

Live from A-Nation 2009
2009's A-Nation was after the lawsuit D:
before they paused their Japan's activities later~

The lyric and translation thanks to Angel-neechan (@Angel33Wing) ^-^



  1. Hi s3adolphin,

    "Share the world" at A-Nation 2009 was deleted from this site. Is there another site to download this 160MB file. I have been searching very long for this file.

    thanks, appreciate it.

    1. hello, the download link is still working ^^ it's my YouTube channel that is terminated so you can't watch it.. just click on the red button on the bottom of the post and DL the file from MediaFire

    2. Hi,

      I clicked on the 'red button' at the bottom of the post. But it is not working. Error message is 'Permission denied'.

      Could you pls. enable the permission/ reupload it.

      thanks, appreciate it.

    3. Ah.. no wonder I can still download it, it's because I'm logged into my MF account.. I just checked the file and it's indeed got marked as copyrighted.. I'll reupload it in Google Drive and will update this post and let you know asap ^^

    4. Hi dear, the download link is now updated ^^ I hope it will work fine now~ please let me know if you find more dead download link ;)

  2. Thanks so much. i have been searching for this piece all over You Tube for over a year. Truly appreciate it.

    Thanks again... keep up the good work. You are my trusted HD source for DBSK, JYJ, DBSK Duo performances. I love the concerts that you have done. I have your entire collection.

    I am a great fan of DBSK. I especially love Jae Joong, Changmin and Micky Yoochun. :o)

    1. You're welcome ☺ I'm happy you love my subbed videos, it's definitely worth all the time (and back pain) spent working on them ♥

      Same here! I still love all 5 of them, though my love is mostly given to Jaejoong, and sometimes Changmin steals that part XD and for OTP I always find JaeChun hilarious~

  3. Subbing all the videos over the years requires time, dedication and love (for the singers). Is is no easy task.

    I started with Super Junior as they are famous with tours and in t.v. in Malaysia.

    I discovered DBSK about 2 years back (in July 2013) when I stumbled upon "Love In The Ice" in "The Secret Code" Tour. That performance was breathtaking.

    After that, I started looking for their videos way back till their debut, read their history in Wikipedia. Download each and every videos especially their concerts are really great... truly world class talent. Till today, I still love them and always will. :o)

    Yes, JaeChun have that great chemistry between them. There was a video on them with "I'll Protect You"... a really sweet one. :o)

    1. Suju is also very popular here in Indonesia, but I know DBSK first so my music expectation has been very high ever since~ :)

      LITI is a very strong performance indeed.. I can have that on repeat for a very long time (and then get all emo after)..

      Ooh I'll go looking for that JaeChun vid~~ and indeed, the chemistry between JYJ is strong, and it's always funny to see them doing a talk video together and just talk about anything and teasing Junsu in the end XD

  4. J Y J have that chemistry/ connection between them. It can be sensed in the concerts especially during the talks, and also in their dance practices (in making of the concerts). I think that is what keeps them together.

    J Y J support each other very well though they have their solo activities, and fan meetings.

    It is really great to see such closeness/ bonding, and at the same time uniqueness portrayed by each of them.