Friday, January 27, 2012

I♥U 김재중, Just The Way You Are - 생일 축하합니다!

Happy 27th Birthday Kim Jaejoong ♥

Happy Birthday my love ♥
sorry for the delay, I just finished your video on your birthday (at 5:30am)

Special thanks to :

♥ my high school friend, Jovita Natalia
who sings this modified female version of Just The Way You Are
thanks a lot for your voice.. (and for saving all of us from hearing me sing XD)

omgbabiesatemydingo for the Korean translation
thanks for always helping me with Korean language ^~^

W5ubbers team members who's always there
translating the songs into so many languages~
let's keep spreading the love~~^^

I tweeted Jaejoong this song lyrics before..
and finally able to turn it into a video ♥

The original singer is Bruno Mars.. all the 'his' in the lyrics are supposed to be 'her'
but Jaejoong is indeed beautiful ♥



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