Monday, November 11, 2013

[random] PC upgrade

I just changed my old PC case to an acrylic case last weekend
(which is why I didn't have anything else subbed besides 9+1# *run away*)

I will also add a new internal harddisk to store all my dongbang data (just ordered it)
My data is currently in 2 separate external drives, more than 700 GB @_@

This is how my desk looks like now :
*click to see bigger size of the picture*

the wallpaper :Q________

A closer look at the case :

My brother set this up for me :)
He has his own online computer store, and the case I'm using is this one :

You can contact him if you want to order. We live in Jakarta, Indonesia ^^
He wouldn't mind accepting international orders, if you're willing to pay the shipping fee :x

ps : the green LED fans are purely his modification and not included in the case

Now that I can use my PC again, let's see if I can sub something else for this week~^^


  1. Woah so cool! Which reminds me i need to buy another external hard disk too T^T

    1. thanks! ^^ he spent 2 days of our weekend to set this up.. I'm buying internal hard disk now since I access dongbang data a lot, and I'm afraid of connecting my external drive 24 hour a day >_<