Saturday, February 1, 2014

Kim Jaejoong - It's Only My World 그것만이 내세상

Happy Birthday Kim Jaejoong!
May you be happy always, in whatever you do ^^

This is his solo performance on the 3rd Asia Tour : Mirotic.

The original singer is a Korean band "A Wild Camomile"
Special thanks to @TVXQSound who shares her lyric files (awesome collection!)

This song is also requested by hajumofi1501 and korlashka123.

I'm sorry for posting this video here really late..
I've been really really really busy, and then spending time with family and friends for CNY~
Happy Chinese New Year! ^^



  1. Oh my, I had no idea you are a fellow Chinese! 新年快乐,龙马精神!

    Been following you for years now and I think this is the first time I've commented. (?) Anyway, I wanna thank you for your work, I greatly appreciate and respect it so much! And the reason why I'm commenting on this post is because this is my favourite JJ solo, hands down.

    It's very upsetting and frustrating that he can't and won't perform this song anymore. :( Somehow, I've always preferred your videos to any other; its just that the quality of your work is better overall and you are very sincere to deliver too. Hope you enjoyed your CNY and collected lots of 红包!Cheers :)

    1. I'm Indonesian, but my granpa was Chinese, hence the tradition (and face), but I don't speak the language :(

      Thank you for commenting ^^ I'm not the type to ask ppl to comment before downloading something, so it's really ok if you don't comment again after this XDD~

      JJ is awesome indeed~ and did he say he won't sing this song again? I'm really busy with work (and hibernate in the weekend) that I fail to follow their news anymore..

      Thanks dear, cheers :)