Monday, July 28, 2014

Max Changmin & Krystal - Breath (JP) MV

SM the Ballad Vol. 2, released on February 13, 2014.
This is the story of a couple who just broke up.
(as written in the official video)

The drama scenes are from Mimi,
4 episodes Korean television series starring Shim Changmin and Moon Gayoung.



  1. It's too bad there's no Eng subs to this one you did. :( I'd have wished for Eng subs, along w/the Japanese Romaji lyrics to sing along to like you have here. <3 I love this Japanese ver better than Korean. So happy he sung this song in Japanese. ;) And his voice, is like 'heaven' for me whenever he sings ballads. ;) <3

    I only stopped watching from Ep 3 to 'Mimi' drama. I know...I need to continue watching! My bad habit is not continuing on dramas, and I end up leaving them undone. (ugh) lol Not all the time, but, most of the ones I've watched, I've done that. There were only certain dramas (both J-dramas and K-dramas) through the years where I've watched them whole. (incl. period/historical types too) I still have yet to finish watching 'Yawang' (another Yunho drama), as well as his most recent, 'The Night Watchman's Journal' drama w/U-Know in it. (ugh) Even that one, I stopped from Ep 7. (don't know why either) :( Haven't watched it since, cuz I'm always on FB daily. *sigh* :( And then, I end up forgetting about it after that. :( I still have yet to finish 'Paradise Ranch' too, not including wanting to watch 'Athena' w/Changmin in it. (and 'Flying with the Gold' too) It was his first, full Japanese movie and I think he also won an award for it too in being the newest foreigner to have acted successfully in a Japanese movie. I think the movie was nominated for many awards, and won some in the process. <3 I've still yet to find it online somewhere. I have Viki and DramaFever Premium memberships. I just hope I'm able to find 'Flying with the Gold' on one of them. (or, even from EPDrama)

    Well, thanks for doing this one too. <3

    1. Errrrr.. sorry I don't get it? There is definitely English sub there in the video? o_O

      Nah I never like watching dramas too.. I download their dramas only to see their scenes but never watch them full~ and mostly just in case I need to make fanvid later using the drama scenes.. XD

      you're welcome~