Friday, July 18, 2014

Tohoshinki & Koda Kumi - Last Angel PV

This PV is requested by someone (I forgot to note it down) and Kashie.

Composer: NEGIN, I.P, H.Lira, T. Gustafsson
Lyricist: Kumi Koda, H.U.B.
Arranger: NEGIN, I.P, H.Lira, T. Gustafsson

Sources: DBSKer, crescent@boajjangforums (romanization, translation)
Raw credit to myheart1027's blog.

This video holds the record of the longest time spent in subbing!
Because there's no official lyric for the rap parts, and the one in DBSKer makes no sense
(though I did use the lyrics there to sub the T Tour video before...)

I spent at least 4 hours discussing only the rap parts with Kashie and Nathie,
and we finally came up with :

y'all wanna make me fake, gotta win this world
how good, just follow me, this ain't got the beauty you sh*t
I've been telling you there's no future on my hand
I'm the master of this world (TVXQ)
I'm too young to bask, get it done with, let's go
headed to another place
it's a weird time, get away, get away

try listening to this part with 50% of the actual speed~ :p
you'd definitely hear the "sh*t" part lol



  1. OMG..~..TVXQ and their nonsense rap segments; must have been a pain to solve the enigma of the lyrics and seriously Tohoshinki and the SH*T word just don't go along....but i bet Yuchun camed up with this verses^^

    1. lol I first saw the lyrics on DBSKer as "beauty you shake", and then I changed it to "beauty you shape", and then Kashie said she definitely hear "sh*t".. after we listen to it the n-th time later in 0.5x speed.. alright, it is indeed "sh*t" XD