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DBSK duo - Catch Me (SBS Inkigayo 121014) + fan account

From SBS Inkigayo on Oct 14th, 2012.

I uploaded this on YouTube almost 2 years ago, but the video was not in sync with the audio,
and I just remembered to fix it... mianhae! > <

The reason this performance is very special to me is because I was there personally..
I was really lucky that my Seoul trip in 2012 was when they released Catch Me
(I bought the flight tix almost a year before)

We (I came with my friend) arrived in Gayang station around 7 am, and after getting lost at what to do for a while and asking around, we joined the long queue on the right side of the entrance. They checked our Catch Me albums, and got number 75 written on our right wrist, with a black marker (I think this is the area where we'd be placed); then another staff came and wrote 185 in blue (my friend's was 186).

We waited for around an hour and a half, and entered the studio around 8.30 am (everyone was given red balloons and banners, as seen in the video). We were seated on the tribune in front of the stage (not shown in the video), a little bit to the left, roughly 10m away? Yunho and Changmin and the dancers were already squatting in the middle of the stage (looked so damn gorgeous too).

I think the 1st take was a camera test, because both of them were not really dancing with the usual forte; then they left the stage to the right side of the studio, checked the video, and waited while the staffs were preparing the stage. I was trying very hard to stare at Changmin for as long as possible, but the staffs added more foggies inside the studio and it was hard to see him :/

Before the 2nd take, they were back in position on the stage, but the staffs told them to wait a lil' bit; so they all sat cross-legged on the stage, and Yunho was playing something with the 3 dancers around him (he clapped his hands or something with the dancers, I can't see it clearly because of the distance and the fog ._.) and of course, everyone went "kyaaah". This 2nd take was when they were finally really dancing in full force, that I could hear Changmin's feet stomping the stage from my seat. They went down to the right side again after the recording and checked the video, and got back on stage for the 3rd take.

More fog was added in the middle of the performance this time.. After the song was over, I can clearly hear their short breaths through their mics~ then they left the studio through the right side door for quite a while..

They came back up stage again to record for the 4th time (more fog in the end and everything was much blurrier in my eyes), and the fans who were standing in front of the stage were moved to the seats beside me (which indicates that this video was from take 2 or 3). Their breaths was much shorter in the end, and they greeted the fans and bowed before leaving from the back side of the stage. Yunho bowed longer to each side of the studio before leaving, while Minnie was nowhere to be seen from my seat... T^T

We were told to leave the building and some fans went to wait in front of the car's exit gate. The fanclub's staffs gave out a small white poster (as pictured below). I was wandering around the area (searching for any interesting place, but nothing's there); then found a place to sit down (and ate the kimbap I bought in 7-11 earlier) while waiting~ It was already 11:11 am when their car left the area.

So, no eye contact this time (I saw them during Catch Me fansign before this; and no, I didn't get the sign, but I watched them from behind the line; I had quite a few seconds with Changmin there-most likely because I was holding a weird handwritten banner) but OMG THE DANCE looked much better during the recordings. No weird camera angles that keeps on moving around, and I can see everyone's moves clearly. I really love this song, both the music and the choreo~ ♥

The balloon is not reusable so I didn't keep it, and this red banner should actually be returned,
but I took it with me because the unnie took my handmade banner away and didn't give it back~
I didn't know we can't bring banners but why not let me keep it away during the recordings? D:

Oh, and don't even try to record or take pics during the recordings..
There were a lot of staffs standing there glaring at us~



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