Tuesday, September 30, 2014

[short fancam] JYJ - Get Out (Jaejoong focus) [JYJ Concert in Bangkok 140925]

It was the best concert I've ever attended!
(well, I've only seen Junsu's Tarantallegra concert and SM Town, so there aren't much to compare with)

The first time I saw JYJ together.
The first time I heard Jaejoong (he was sick on his fanmeeting in Jakarta).
The first time I saw and heard Yoochun.
also my first time in Thailand! 

*scroll to the bottom if you want to download the subbed fancam ☺*

I won't write a full fan-account, because my memory is still a bit hazy..
I can remember small things here and there, but not sure when they exactly happened..

Some interesting points from the concert :
- Before the concert started, there was a song played and everyone immediately stood up. It caught me by surprise because I didn't recognize the song, but it looked like it was Thailand's National song?

- The audience was great, the red ocean was awesome~♥ everyone sat and waved the light sticks for ballads, and stood up for the dance tracks, and jumped along~!

- Be The One, another new remix! totally love it!

- The very first ment was opened by Junsu, and he asked in Korean whether we missed them, and everyone shouted "Ne!", without waiting for the translator. He replied in English "You speak Korean?" XD (not the exact words, but it's somewhere along these lines)

- Dad You There : a very beautiful song... and I am super grateful to be born and named Angel. I kinda wished Jae would drop the towel he was holding on this whole song xD (oh btw Junsu pronounce Angel correctly here, no Anzel like in the 1:52 mark on the album)

- Let Me See.. I really love the a cappella part.. ♥

- The fan projects were successful~! I'm not sure if Junsu could read his banner from the stage, but I definitely saw Yoochun's eyes got bigger and he looked around to see the Mickey heads ☺ and now I know the epic-ness of Chunface ♥

- Jaejoong's project was not for Dear J (the others were for 7yo and 30), but for Butterfly.. I didn't get that butterfly thingy, but it looked awesome! I was occupied with the thoughts of him wearing an open vest and YESSSS! topless for Mine! (I was worried since right before BKK, he didn't go topless in Shanghai)

- I can't scream much after Mine, for very obvious reason. #^_^#

- Chajatta / Found You : The carts were super fast. Jaejoong passed me first, he faced my direction, but didn't throw any signed balls to me ☹ and later Yoochun, directly followed by Junsu passed.. They turned their back to face the side tribune (to Wen's frustration xD). Yoochun ended the song by singing "khob khun krap", not the usual "gomapda" ♥

- In Heaven : It was really beautiful sung live.. Junsu held the ending notes longer than the original recording.. 
(I admit I cried here..)

- Letting Go and Back Seat, I noticed that the side screens showed mostly Jaejoong during the reffs xD

- The talks sound interesting, but I have a very limited knowledge of Korean, and none of Thai.. so I only watched their face expressions. Junsu talked the most, and made this getting hugged and squeezed gesture XD Jae also made open arm air hug for everyone, prob around 3 times (I didn't catch any on camera).

Jaejoong's imitation of fanboys xD

and simply being 4D...

Yoochun's high pitched "Jaejoong~~~"

- Very beautiful project for Fallen Leaves.. There was a green ocean (though I didn't get the sticks) and the letters "언제나 기다릴게 (we will wait forever)" on the back tribunes..

- I saw Jae stopped on his way back in the end.. and caught a fan gift.

- I went to the concert and shared accommodations and everything with Wen (@donutnatsu). She is a great travel buddy and travel planner xD It's funny to think that I first knew her only through Twitter~ I also met @luvyenz inside the venue, and @risstyy and her twin on the flight back to Jakarta as our seats were in the same row~ (I was surprised she recognized s3adolphin, and she was surprised that I'm a Jaejoong-not Junsu-bias)

A bit advice for travelling in Bangkok :
- Try to stop taxis that are passing on the streets than asking your hotel's concierge, esp in the Pratunam area, if you want them to use taxi meters. (The one we took from Novotel Impact used meters though, and even gave us a 1 Baht discount and told us to visit Chiang Mai and Pattaya too, I like him best!)

- Do try the local food, I totally love them (I didn't try papaya salad, because I'm not fond of salads and vegetables in general :p) Tom Yam soup and green curry is a must! ♥

- Just like what other travel blogs usually mention, smile and smile a lot! Thai people smiles a lot (well.. except this one Tuk Tuk driver that failed to get us to some weird stops before our destination xD)

ps : I didn't sub any new videos last weekend, and there are only 2 new videos left from the week before..
updates will be slow for this week ☺


more ps : This is the only fancam that looks good enough to be shared, I only took short-random-videos here and there.. and since my phone doesn't capture them well anyway, I prefer to just watch with my own eyes. ^^


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