Friday, September 19, 2014

Tohoshinki duo - Y3K (TIME Tour in Nissan Stadium)

From TIME Tour in Nissan Stadium. 
Performance starts at 2:52

This song is requested by Guest 273.

Album: TIME
Lyrics: Shinjiroh Inoue
Composers: T-SK, TESUNG Kim, ANDREW Choi

Embrace ambition, bet on your life, and start moving.
The ones who will build future, are us who are living in the present.
This strong message is a resolution for their new start.

Lyrics and translation by fandomrelated.



  1. Im kind of late for this one, still thanks for subbing it and more important great quality files you have for Time in Nissan so im even more pleased ! I noticed you subbed even the intro song, cool!
    Are you going to sub CATCH ME as well?

    1. you're welcome~^^ this is bluray rip so I'm pretty satisfied with the quality too~

      I'm glad you noticed the sub on the intro! I really want to do that since I watched this performance for the 1st time.. XD

      The Japanese version of Catch Me from this concert? of course
      The Korean concert Catch Me? also of course