Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Changmin - Over (Live Tour 2014 ~TREE~)

Changmin's solo from the Live Tour 2014 ~TREE~.

Composer: Steven Lee,  Sebastian Thott, Didrik, Andreas Stone
Arranger: 井上慎二郎 (Shinjiroh Inoue)

Sources: y00minstvxq@fc2 (Japanese lyrics), TVXQSound (Japanese lyrics, romanization, translation)

The lyrics are not official yet~^^

T/N :
My room and heart are empty shells.
This expression is also used for an insect after it cast of its skin, 
the void envelop of what used to be a living being.

I’ll change the unforgettable.
The meaning here is vague, literally “change the ‘won’t forget’”





  1. great! more videos from this concert please.

    1. I already cropped the whole concert into 24 videos~^^
      but please wait until I finish TIME Tour in Nissan Stadium first, there are only 6 more songs left (1 will be posted soon, 1 almost done)..

      though maybe you could see Shout Out! (Yunho's solo from this concert) as soon as my friend finishes the translation~

  2. Another great performance to add in my Min's folder^^
    I was expecting for him to Rock the stage again this tour but instead we got this! im not disappointed since he can do both genre without problems.
    About the file, did this camed from a bluray rip? I know there are only DVD rip for this tour online, just want to know your source!

    1. yes! and Yunho actually did a rock song for this concert, a song that's very Min-ish :p it's halfway done since we have no official lyrics :x
      nope, this is not bluray rip sadly (Time Tour in Nissan Stadium is bluray rip), my friend gave me HD rip of this concert, and that's the best I have ^^

    2. Shout Out was really good (wayyyy better than T-Syle IMO) aside for Yunho clothes on it......don't want to comment on that; LOL!
      Hope you can upload more performance from TREE from now on, im not satisfied enough with the dvd rip i found online, and yours seems to have a better quality indeed! Im such an HD addict!

    3. YES! I'm going to put off T-Style for a long long long time until we (TVXQSound and me) managed to decipher what he muttered in that song. It's so hard to catch, it drove me crazy~ lol! the clothes for Shout Out doesn't bother me much.. it's the glasses.. XD

      Yes, I will sub In Our Time from TIME Tour and move on to TREE Tour ;) It's all thanks to my friend (who wants to be unnamed) for sharing such a good HD rip to me~ I'll definitely put it to good use ;)

    4. How i could forgot about those glasses!.......lol fancy Yunho!
      You did a great job on TIME in Nissan; I'll wait patiently for TREE as well!

    5. lol weird glasses indeed! lucky I love the song so much I put it on repeat :p
      thanks, I'll start on TREE next week perhaps.. finishing In Our Time now ^^