Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tohoshinki duo - Catch Me (JP) [TIME Tour in Nissan Stadium]

From Live Tour 2013 : TIME in Nissan Stadium.

Stylized as "Catch Me -If you wanna-" in Japan
The single was released on January 16, 2013.

Composer: 유영진 (Yoo Yeong-Jin), 유한진 (Yoo Han-Jin)
Lyricist: H.U.B
Arranger: 유영진 (Yoo Yeong-Jin), 유한진 (Yoo Han-Jin)

Sources: (Japanese lyrics), TVXQSound (romanization, translation)

ps : do you know where the font color comes from?
the dancer's hair :p *runs*



  1. Awesome Mind blowing all the massive adjectives goes to this performance. I felt like I was actually there. Hopefully one day I can go to one of their concert. Have you been to any of their concerts??

    1. I really want to see their concert in Tokyo Dome too! I shall plan a Japan tour when they're on Dome tour as well.

      I've seen Junsu's Tarantallegra concert in Jakarta, SM Town in Jakarta, and JYJ's concert in Bangkok last September. I also saw Homin's Catch Me pre-recording for SBS Inkigayo during my trip in Seoul (that was lucky timing! I bought plane tix a year before). How about you?

    2. Nope not in even one concert. I envy you unnie :(
      It would be difficult to explain my parents that I want to fly to Korea or Japan for a concert all by myself. I have no friends here who are interested in kpop. Just few indian friends online but I can't force them to come with me. First I was planning to go to a concert which comes after my graduation, but by time I graduate they will enlist themselves :(

    3. There is still chance to attend one in the future, don't lose hope yet *hugs*

      Ah, understandable.. I actually travel to Korea with my school friends, so parents doesn't have any objection with it, and I was just really lucky that Catch Me was released during my trip. But to attend a concert in Korea or Japan will be hard as well because flight tix is expensive. I can attend concert easier in Bangkok or Singapore or KL since they're near Jakarta. The enlistment is not final yet, right? Jae is taking a new project after all.. When is your graduation? Mid 2015?

    4. sorry for the late reply.
      I ll graduate in may 2015. I know their enlistment dates are not final yet but everyone is talking about it and it just makes me sad. :(

    5. yes the media keeps on talking about it too.. but it's not yet final.. who knows if we will get another concert before the enlistment~? don't lose hope yet, the future is not set ;)

    6. Even if there is one more concert it would be more difficult to convince my parents :P
      how are their concert tix priced??

    7. cheaper in their usual tour cities.. like Bangkok is much cheaper than Jakarta.. roughly 200 bucks for the most expensive seat, while in Jakarta it could be 250 or more~
      convincing parents is always hard :p

    8. What currency are we talking about??
      like USD or KRW??

    9. oops, I usually refer "bucks" to USD XD

    10. Ahh its still expensive for me :(
      but no matter what, I ll save money and go for one concert

    11. yup, it's also expensive to me, but not as bad as flying to korea or japan because flight tix alone costs at least 3 times of concert tix :p

  2. So many thanks for this!
    This is surely the BEST Catch Me performance they did IMO! And about they're Jconcerts; Gosh, the japanese ladies/people are the most lucky being on earth i swear! They can access TOHO concerts so easily and in marvelous venues like TODOME & NISSAN too. While for somebody like me living in the run-down Europe is nothing but a dream; Thank goodness we have magic places like the internet!

    1. you're welcome ^^
      I agree with you! totally envy their Japanese (and Korean) fans, since they can easily see them anytime! lucky we have internet XD