Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tohoshinki duo - In Our Time (TIME Tour in Nissan Stadium)

The final song from Live Tour 2013 : TIME in Nissan Stadium!
This video is also as requested by yaya.

Lyrics: Shinjiroh Inoue
Composer: Shinjiroh Inoue

With real emotions, there is no need for pretending or dressing up.
Tohoshinki has those kinds of genuine thoughts.
They want to be closer so that they can see everyone's smiling faces more.

Sources: fandomrelated (lyrics, romaji, translation), TVXQSound (talk translation)

very beautiful performance!

ps: I only have 'T-Style' left to sub from this concert, and the Documentary Video of In Our Time
Both are on hold until I manage to get the lyrics and translation!
For now, I'll move on to TREE Tour~^^



  1. Fans are daebak <3
    loved the illuminated fan project.
    and OMG the boys look so hot *dead*

    1. daebak indeed, but I think the credit goes to the staff.. the letters are made from the light thingy on the fans' wrists..
      hot indeed.. but don't die yet! more concerts will come xD

  2. This was such a lovely and touching performance, especially as their last song. Also, while I'm slightly disappointed that the fan lights weren't actually from a fan-made project but by the staff, I have to say that it was so very beautiful and Homin deserved every bit of that love. ^^

    1. too bad indeed that it's not a fan project, but I totally love the awed look at Changmin's face when he was staring at the fans.. ♥