Saturday, January 3, 2015

Tohoshinki duo - Chandelier PV

From the album : WITH

Composer: Matthew Tishler, Andrew Underberg
Lyricist: H.U.B.
Arranger: Matthew Tishler, Andrew Underberg

--Warmth that won't be forgotten.--

"You who wants to tell me “Welcome back”, and me who wants to tell you “I am home”.
Because we have a place to come back to, a place overflowing with warmth, for sure we can go on living to the fullest.
Even when we are apart, they are connected… our feelings for each other."
(song description from Toho website)

Sources: (Japanese lyrics), TVXQSound (romanization, translation)
Raw credit : myheart1027's blog

Thank you for waiting ;)



  1. I love this so much!

    1. me too! esp Yunho's voice in this song.. so smooth and calming!

  2. thanks ^^ beautiful song T_T

  3. Hi dear~ soooooooo long time no see... ^^ it's me Ayuka (@mYSKYpeia126) :3
    thanks!! I've been searhing for this pv..... :D btw, do U have time works wonder n white pv to download??

    let's have some chit chat on twitter when U have free time ^^
    bless ya~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Hi Ayuka~ yes I have both, please check under "Japanese PV" here : ^^ The only duo's PV I haven't subbed yet is Spinning because I'm still waiting for translation, but everything else is subbed

      sure~ mention me anytime you'd like ;)

    2. aweee..... thanks alot!!! I also checked U (ALL) youtube accounts n really...... thanks for all d videos... Im sorry, I cant give any feedback yet.. but i'll like all videos U upload there later... ^^

      okay... gotta check it.. arigatou~ <3

      sure!!! jst wait for me ehehehe
      see ya~

    3. you're welcome ^^ I can't upload PVs to YouTube though, that killed my old channel.. *sigh*

      it's alright, I don't ask for comments and thank yous ;) I'm happy as long as people enjoy the videos and give the boys (men?) more love~^^

    4. ohh... dnt worry... there's nothing can change my love for them. even tho sometimes I seem to fall out of them but whenever I can see them I'll fall in love all over again like d 1st time... ^^ /cheesy/

      feels like I'll grow up n old with them ahahaha

      let's love them eternally n unconditionally....... okay?? ^,^v ♥♥♥♥♥♥

    5. lol I totally understand that cheesy-ness.. there were times I don't notice them, and then they pulled me back again XD

      let's do that! love them eternally n unconditionally ^^

    6. yepz!! exactly...
      and... I still have this proud feeling everytime I watched their works... n this tugging in my heart everytime I saw them. Idk.. my feeling for them is not like a mere fan feeling but... more to family. n fyi... Im a yoosu daughter :D I kept calling daddy chun n mama su everytime I saw them, ehehe tho my unnideul said that I more like changmin daughter =.='

      YES SIR!!! ^.^>

  4. Heyyyyyy sis...sorry I hadn't been on your blog here. I keep forgetting to come here too, besides my FB. *sniff, sniff* :'( I, too, also miss talking to you so. <3 I think about you from time to time. XD

    Anyway, arigatou too for subbing this one! Do you know I still haven't listened to this song yet? (doh! :( ) I know, I know....I should get a move on it and listen already. hahaha I guess it slipped my mind because, didn't it come out around close to the same time that ~WITH~ cd album was out for pre-ordering online, not to mention their ~WITH~ Tour concerts started up, it was also Valentine's, AND...the readiness for 'Time Works Wonders' single was also under way. ALL at the same time! (ugh) lol I think that's why this song sort-of slipped through the cracks w/me (and 'Spinning', sort-of) and I hardly ever got the chance to listen to it, because of 'Time Works Wonders' PV too. But, at least 'Spinning' I was able to watch a bit on YT when it first came out. XD Now, I don't even see Spinning on YT anymore either. O.o Yeah, so strange. Well, I prefer Dailymotion anyway compared to YT. (even though I dislike the ads)

    1. Hi~~ lol it's ok, I only check my own blog when I post videos too XD and I don't even use FB much besides for requesting Candy Crush tickets..

      Lol so many releases eh XD I just grabbed my WITH album last month too~ I love the new PVs so much.. Time Works Wonders is lovely too ^^