Friday, February 6, 2015

U-know Yunho - Honey Funny Bunny (CATCH ME in Seoul)


From Live World Tour 'CATCH ME' in Seoul.
This song is also requested by palmkidsprimary and an anonymous.

Lyrics by E-Tribe
Music by E-Tribe, Jang Jun-ho, Gong Hyun-sik

Sources : (hangul), s3adolphin (romanization), pop!gasa (translation), @paulisteu (rap translation)



  1. Well...HELLOOOOOO, my 'always' Sexy Yunho-sama~~ @@@@@ *fainting/dizzying/head-spinning* <3 ;)

    Happy birthday...FOR SURE. ;) *wink* <3

    Thank you for subbing this one too, sis. *hugs* Even though Yunho is my bias, do you know now Changmin managed to knock him off my pedestal and the unit is my bias now, instead of just ONE guy in the group? For years, it was always only Yunho. Then, Min's 'Heaven's Day' solo performance came along, and THAT WAS IT for me after that. Actually, it was during -T1ST0RY- time that Min managed to 'change my mind' in one fell swoop forever and made it so I'd think of the both of them equally as my bias and succumb to his 'dark side'. buwaahahahaha (ugh, Changmiiiiin~~ kusooooo... j/k :P) Yup, I've heard that Changmin has that effect on women & girls. hahahaha *clears throat* Naughty, naughty Changmin-sama. *tsk, tsk* ;) lol You see, he also has me calling him 'sama' too, just like Yunho. (ayyyyy...lmao) Shhhhh~~ I also kiss both men on my Toho pillow every night now, instead of only one. *tsk, tsk* ;) :P lol

    LOVE THIS!!!! @@@@@ *squeals in delight* <3 ;)

    1. lol he's indeed sexy.. esp that dance XD

      ofc I understand the power of Min~ he manages to knock Jae (my bias) off sometimes too.. esp when I see homin with my own eyes. @_@ lol I only have JYJ cushion that I got from their BKK concert.. have yet to see any of the duo live! how I wish I can go watch WITH tour in Tokyo Dome~~