Sunday, March 15, 2015

XIA Junsu - Hate Those Words (그 말 참 밉다)

Hate Those Words / 그 말 참 밉다 / Geu Mal Cham Ibda

From XIA's 3rd album : Flower
as requested by @mYSKYpeia126

Lyrics by Seong Hyeon, Baek Mu-hyeon
Composed by Seong Hyeon, Baek Mu-hyeon
Arranged by Seong Hyeon, Baek Mu-hyeon, Choi Dong-weon

Sources : gasazip (hangul), s3adolphin (romanization), pop!gasa (translation)

ps: no, I won't sub the whole album as I prefer to wait for the concert DVD later ^^



  1. I hope there will be a concert DVD...I love this album I'm hard pressed to decide which song is my favorite between X Song and License to Love. But the whole album is amazing :)

    1. I believe there will be a concert DVD, but we have to wait like a year or so.. Incredible concert is not even out on DVD yet, and the Flower tour is still ongoing.. let's wait and prepare our poor wallet XD

      agree, the album is amazing! though I found X Song weird at first, but it got into my heart in the end.. my fave is still Musical In Life~ ☺

    2. Yes, the poor wallet must be prepared :) I really want to see him live. I wish he would come to the U.S. to tour.

    3. I hope your wish will come true ;) I'm lucky to be able to see Tarantallegra tour~ he has amazing stage presence~

    4. Wow, I envy you that one. I have seen some fan cams of the tour, I can only imagine what it was like to be there though. And he looks amazing with blue hair. :)

    5. You know, the funny thing is, if you hadn't done Flower so quickly, I might never have watched it. I was surprised and decided it was worth the try. I liked Junsu's stuff but was almost completely against JYJ before. Listening to Flower and watching the video made me realize how talented he is and got me to listen to more JYJ stuff. And I found I really like their music. I've loved TVXQ even as 2 for so long, but I really didn't realize how much I was really missing by not listening to the others.

    6. Indeed, I was very lucky it was his first solo album, and so he included a few musical songs in the concert.. I def love those songs from Mozart!

      Ah! I see~~ I'm glad you feel that way towards JYJ now ^^ I've been a fan since Mirotic days, so I already love all 5 of them and can't seem to be against any side after the lawsuit.. but I have to admit that I didn't really enjoy the first albums when they went their separate ways.. (at least the recent ones are really good~~ or maybe it's because I'm used to not hearing them singing together by now)..

      I love Jaejoong the most, and then Changmin.. but I find Junsu very talented (and funny).. however, I can't figure out why he's completely bad at dramas! (he made a cameo once, it was sooo awkward XD)

    7. What drama did he cameo in, I wanna see it :) Yunho is my favorite member with Junsu a very close second now. Although I love Changmin's dramas....and I've been watching Spy, it's really good so far.I only started listening to TVXQ in the last few years. The new albums are awesome but I'm more used to the newer stuff. But I have gone back and gotten almost all their old albums now too :) I like them as 5 as well now that I've really been able to listen to it.

    8. It was Scent of a Woman, ep 5! around 51 minutes mark.. the girl went to Junsu fanmeeting and won a dinner together with him for writing a story XD

      I'm honestly not a big fan of dramas.. so I download them but only skim through the episodes :p I prefer listening to live concerts or performances, and watching their old variety shows too~ I love the new stuffs, but still hung up on old ballads sometimes (esp when I feel like emo-ing), like Love In The Ice and Bolero.. :x

    9. Love in the Ice is one of my favorite songs. I absolutely love it. and Bolero is amazing too. Especially when needing a pick me up :) I do love to watch concerts and I have all three of the AADBSK sets. I really don't watch TV much, but occasionally I want to watch something so I'll watch KDrama's....but really only a Mimi, Paradise Ranch, Night Watchmen, now Spy....I'm totally biased on watching the ones with the guys in them...I've only seen a little of 3 Days but I've also been playing World of Warcraft with my boyfriend lately.

      Meant to put this as a reply and accidentally just posted it...My mind got lost for a second :)

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