Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tohoshinki duo - BLINK (TIME Tour in Tokyo Dome)

From Live Tour 2013 ~TIME~ in Tokyo Dome, as requested by Guest 273.
This song was not performed in the Nissan Stadium concert.

Composer: Johan Gustafson, Fredrik Haggstam, Sebastian Lundberg & Andrew Jackson
Lyricist: H.U.B.

Sources: fandomrelated (Japanese lyrics, romanization, translation)

Believe in yourself and live looking towards the future.
They want to live this way.
Carved into Tohoshinki's hearts are pride and responsibility.

This video is blocked in Japan on YouTube, so you can also watch it here.



  1. Im kind of late here but anyway Thank You for this performance!
    The dance/choreography part before & with those laser sword is mind-blowing; they're cool in what they do i just wish they'd work on the engRish songs line a little more.......Yunho's SATISFASHION makes me cringe so much!

    1. you're welcome ^^

      yes I also found the choreo very cool! too bad it's not performed in Nissan Stadium..

      lol that's Yunho for you.. that's why I never finish the sub of Shout Out!.. there are parts that my friend and I can't decipher at all @@