Wednesday, June 10, 2015

(Instrumental) XIA Junsu feat. Tablo - Flower (꽃)

The audio is from XIA 3rd Solo Album : Flower (Special Edition)
feat. Tablo of Epik High

Composer: XIA and Kim Tae-wan
Lyricist: XIA and Kim Tae-wan
Arranger: Kim Tae-wan

Sources: Daum (hangul), s3adolphin (romanization), pop!gasa (translation)
Raw credit: myheart1027's blog

ps: I put the instrumental audio with the original MV,
however, as the MV is much longer than the mp3, I have to alter it a bit..
if you hear something's weird during the transition from the MV's audio to the mp3, I'm sorry!


1 comment:

  1. Im curious to see how this camed out!
    Marvelous song and even more marvelous MV!
    Now dear HoMin why can't you guys have something like this for once!