Tuesday, October 20, 2015

XIA Junsu - Yesterday (꼭 어제) MV

From Junsu's mini album: 꼭 어제 (Yesterday).

Composer: Shim Gyu Seon 심규선 (Lucia)
Lyricist: Shim Gyu Seon 심규선 (Lucia)
Arranger: Kim Jin Yeong 김진영

Sources: Naver (hangul), s3adolphin (romanization), @paulisteu (English translation)

Overall, I love the song (I love ballads!), and I love the background music (piano + violin = ♥)!
However, there are 3 points of this song that I find distracting:
1. The way the 2nd verse is trying to connect to the reff (around 2:56), but the transition does not sound smooth.
2. The pianist is missing the tempo from around 3:34-3:39, for the '기억도 무뎌질 때' part.
3. The pianist is missing the tempo (again) for the '게' part around 4:03, which makes the highlighted note sounds late (try listening from 4:01 or even from the line before this one).

ps: I'm no professional and these are just personal opinion, so I might be wrong :p 
The 2nd point bothers me the most though. I wonder if the music sounds a bit 'off' to you as well?



  1. I honestly rather agree about the last two ones-- the first one isn't as noticeable (and I didn't notice it until you pointed it out) but the other two were just so noticeable like the pianist wasn't paying attention and then jumped in a bit too late when it got to that moment. >> I wonder if it was intentional or it was done by accident...?
    Anyways, thank you for the sub and upload! uwu ♥

    1. It sounds like an accident to me (lazy director and pianist!) XD
      but someone on YT said it's probably intentional, and now I'm waiting to listen to the live version to compare it ^^

      You're welcome ♥

  2. Thank you...<3
    I prefer this video rather than 1theK. And you're so right about the piano parts. I thought its just me not understanding music...but I was right.

    1. I don't like the translation there (I feel it doesn't capture the whole meaning), so I asked @paulisteu to translate it XD

      IKR! The more I listen to it, the more I think it's an accident because the pianist played the same part just fine the first time around. If this song is not sung by Junsu, I'd probably never bother to listen to it again because that moment from 3:34-3:39 kinda ruined the song for me. @_@

    2. Which is your favourite song in the album. Mine is Silk road and all the acoustic ver. FLOWER IS JUST AWESOME

    3. FLOWER IS DEFINITELY AWESOME! And apparently that's my only favorite song for now (I haven't listened to the whole album yet) *runs* XD