Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Kim Jaejoong - Konayuki (粉雪) Powder Snow (‘WWW’ Asia Tour Concert in Japan)

From 2013 Kim Jaejoong 1st Album ‘WWW’ Asia Tour Concert in Japan

Konayuki / 粉雪 / Powder Snow
as requested by Rossmery Limaymanta and yim seung mak

Original by Remioromen
English translation by @Angel33Wing

Raw credit: kokayz



  1. Any new updates set for the week? Thanks for Konayuki. This is KJ.

    1. for now I'm trying to finish Love Is Never Gone FMV made by a dongsaeng for me.. and then I want to work on Changmin's Into The Water PV..

      I think for the next one I will start working on Junsu's 7yo from JYJ's concert and JJ's Glamorous Sky from the Grand Finale Live Concert in Japan, but let's see later XD

    2. oh I'm also currently fixing an old subbed video from The Secret Code concert in Tokyo Dome.. I changed the translation, added the Japanese lyrics (it was only romaji and translation before), and I also changed the video with Bluray rip :p It's almost done too, maybe I can upload it tomorrow XD

    3. This is KJ here. Thanks for the uploads. That's a lot of stuff to do. You must be really busy. So, will it take long for kotoba wa iranai? I love that song. I want your excellent karaoke to sing along casually haha.

    4. um, yeah I think it will take long since I have no plan for it yet because I'm still switching between current concerts and new MVs to work on (and redoing some videos from The Secret Code too, but it won't take much because I only need to change the raw videos, not re-subbing them).. I can promise you though when I pick a song from the request list, I will choose that song for you ^^ can't promise when though..

  2. I was amazed when he sings Konayuki, it's like the song belongs to him. It's mind blowing.
    Konayuki is one of my favourite song, and it's hard to like someone else singing the song beside the original singer. But his version is seriously the best. Even when I come back to listen Konayuki original song. His version is full of charms.

    I want to say that I appreciate your cuts and subbed and karaoke version of all Jaejoong's live performances. I saw a lot in youtube and made playlist to listen to them over and over. Thank you!

    1. I agree, it does not sound like he's singing someone else's song as it fits him really well. I love his cover songs XD

      You're welcome and also thank you so much for the appreciation!