Tuesday, January 16, 2018

s3adolphinJP channel has been terminated

Hello everyone, long time no see! ☺

My apologies for not updating for almost a year now as I've been busy working on several projects.
However, my workload has been reduced for a while now,
so let's see if I can pick up subbing again in my free time
(no promise though, but I guarantee I'm still in the fandom!)

My s3adolphinJP channel was terminated several months ago due to multiple strikes.
Here's the screenshot of my email:

I won't re-upload TIME/TREE/WITH Tour(s) back on YouTube
so please find them on this website here

The new s3adolphin JPN channel can be found here

Thanks! ☺


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Everything should be up again on this site. If you ever find missing video or DL links, please let me know ☺

  2. omg yay you're back!! I am wondering are you continuing subbing DB5K mvs? if yes then is the request still open?? because there are few that i would like you to sub.. ><

    1. Yup, I still sub anything related to DBSK, either as 5 or 2, also JYJ, and any of their solo performances. I never close my request list at http://www.s3adolphin.com/p/requests.html, so feel free to leave a request. Please be aware though that I sub alone and would likely not have enough time to sub everything XD

  3. Welcome back! I love this site^^