Wednesday, May 2, 2018

s3adolphinJP and s3adolphin JPN have been terminated

Hello everyone, long time no see! ☺

My apologies for not updating for almost a year now as I've been busy working on several projects.
However, my workload has been reduced for a while now,
so let's see if I can pick up subbing again in my free time
(no promise though, but I guarantee I'm still in the fandom!)

My s3adolphinJP channel was terminated several months ago due to multiple strikes.
Here's the screenshot of my email:

I won't re-upload TIME/TREE/WITH Tour(s) back on YouTube
so please find them on this website here

The new s3adolphin JPN channel can be found here

Thanks! ☺

Updated May 2nd, 2018: s3adolphin JPN channel is now terminated :(

s3adolphin JP new channel can be found here 

Please note that all 12 songs from the 4th Live Tour that are listed above can't be re-uploaded to YouTube, so please find them in this website.

The list of all Toho concerts can be found here


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Everything should be up again on this site. If you ever find missing video or DL links, please let me know ☺

  2. omg yay you're back!! I am wondering are you continuing subbing DB5K mvs? if yes then is the request still open?? because there are few that i would like you to sub.. ><

    1. Yup, I still sub anything related to DBSK, either as 5 or 2, also JYJ, and any of their solo performances. I never close my request list at, so feel free to leave a request. Please be aware though that I sub alone and would likely not have enough time to sub everything XD

    2. You are awesome...😊😊

  3. Welcome back! I love this site^^