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misc : congratulatory song incident
Cassiopeia "Here To Stay" [10th Anniversary FMV]

- Fanmade MV (FMV) -

All In Vain
Don't Cry My Lover (사랑아 울지마)
Flower Lady
Gosenshi (五線紙)
Love Bye Love (사랑 안녕 사랑)
Love Is Never Gone (내가 허락할 테니)
Mirotic (Lip Only Ver)
Nothing Better (12시 34분)
Tea For Two
With All My Heart
Wrong Number (Lip Only Ver)

- Japanese PV -

Asu Wa Kuru Kara (Piano Ver)
Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattandarou (a cappella)
Forever Love
Kiss The Baby Sky
Last Angel (feat. Koda Kumi)
Lovin' You
My Destiny
Purple Line
Rising Sun
Somebody To Love
Stand By U
Stay With Me Tonight
Step By Step
Summer Dream
Toki Wo Tomete

- Korean MV -

Balloons (풍선)
Beautiful Life
Beautiful Life (Instrumental)
Fighting Spirit of The East (동방의 투혼)
Holding Back The Tears
Hug (EN)
Hug (KR)
Magic Castle
Mideoyo (믿어요) / Believe (Bridge Ver)
Mideoyo (믿어요) / Believe (LA Ver)
Mirotic (Dance Ver)

03. Kotoba wa Iranai (言葉はいらない)
06. Try My Love
07. Eternal


04. One (Japanese)

- 2nd Asia Tour Concert : "O" -

09. One Last Cry - Yoochun
13. When I First Kissed You - Changmin
14. Crying - Jaejoong
15. Drive
19. "O"-Jung.Ban.Hap. (“O”-正.反.合.)
21. Balloons (풍선)
23. Unforgettable (바보)

- 2nd LIVE TOUR 2007 : Five In The Black -

05. Yakusoku (約束)
09. Hug (アカペラver.) 
11. I'll Be There (JP)
22. Proud (2010 sub) | Proud (2014 sub)

- 3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 : T -

07. Darkness Eyes
08. Purple Line
09. Day Moon ~ハルダル~
12. Clap!
14. Rainbow
15. Asu Wa Kuru Kara (明日は来るから)
16. Last Angel [feat Koda Kumi]
19. Rising Sun
22. Together
23. Love In The Ice
24. Kiss Shita Mama Sayonara (KISSしたまま、さよなら)

- 3rd Asia Tour Concert : Mirotic -

02. Are You A Good Girl (악녀)
03. Rising Sun (순수)
05. Rainbow (무지개)
06. Hug (Rock)
07. Love Bye Love (사랑 안녕 사랑) - Yoochun
08. It's Only My World (그것만이 내세상) - Jaejoong
09. Upon This Rock - Changmin
11. Purple Line (Korean Ver)
13. Halfmoon (반달)
14. Love In The Ice
15. Don't Say Goodbye
17. Xiahtic - Junsu (ft. Key)
18. Checkmate (체크메이트) - Yunho
22. Crazy Love
23. HaHaHa Song (하하하쏭)
25. Song For You (KR)
26. Tonight

- 4th LIVE TOUR 2009 : The Secret Code -

01. Secret Game
06. 9095
08. Purple Line
09. Mirotic (2010 sub) | Mirotic (2016 sub)
10. Heart, Mind & Soul (2010 sub) | Heart, Mind & Soul (2016 sub)
11. Wasurenaide (2010 sub) | Wasurenaide (2016 sub)
15. Wild Soul - Changmin (2012 sub) | Wild Soul - Changmin (2016 sub)
16. Begin (2010 sub) | Begin (2016 sub)
17. Nobody Knows
18. Taxi
19. Forever Love
20. O Sei Han Go (O -合)
24. Survivor


02. We Are (ウィーアー!)
03. Break Up The Shell
04. Stand By U
06. Bolero
07. Love In The Ice

- JaeChun -

fanvid : That Man 그남자 (Junsu's cover)

- YunJae fanvid -

note : I'm NOT a YunJae shipper, but I don't hate this pairing (or any pairings) either..
I enjoy the lovey dovey interaction between the members, 
and please refrain from bringing offensive (rated xxx) banners in public places~ >_<



  1. I'm really curious, have you ever done/considered doing subs for TRI-ANGLE's MV? I would cry a river if you did! Honestly i love love love that song!

    1. not yet.. though someone also requested that MV.. now that it has been requested by 2 people, I put it higher in my request list xD I found it a bit hard to sub because of the tempo, but let's see later? ^^

  2. Ming Ming has another request. Stay with me Tonight? Does it have a PV?

    1. yes it has a PV ^^ I'll add it to the request list

    2. I just checked my request list.. 4 people asked for that PV, so I'll get it done asap ^^

  3. Much Greedy with my requests, can i request the Japanese PV (if there is one) of "O"-Sei.Kai.Han (O jung.ban.hap) and the Japanese PV for Rising Sun PV? Aiyah there are so many that i want, you might as well give all the active ones a "Ming Ming" because i'm a terribly greed fan, much sorry

    1. PVs. Not like Lives. I checked and i think the pv to live ratio is MAJORLY lower. PVs. Don't stress.

    2. Haha, I'll add both to my request list.. Yes, there are PVs for both O Sei Han Go and Rising Sun. Though both songs are hard to sub because of the crazy tempo.. so I don't think I will sub it anytime soon :p

  4. and Please if it's possible, can you upload break up the shell ! I'm dying to see it !

    1. funny I want to work on that song as well :p the one performed on the Tokyo Dome concert is super awesome ♥

  5. Angel aka s3adolphin, thank you a lot for your handwork to collect and translate... arigatou-ne .. gomawo ... saranghae.. AKTF.. <3..

    1. You're very welcome!

      I'll take the credits for subbing and uploading them, but the translation credits have to be given to the original translators, as I only know decent Korean and veeeeery decent Japanese, lol, just enough not to starve ☺

  6. First of all, thank you for your hard work.
    Can i request the MV of Tonight if you have it.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. You're very welcome! I've not subbed the MV yet so I'll add it in my request list (which is very long @_@)

    2. I know it's very long :p ... but i will wait for it .. because i like your works ^^

  7. can you sub changmin - i love you which he sang in 1st Live Concert : Rising Sun ? thanks !

    1. sorry for the (very) late reply - it's added to my request list but I can't promise when I will get it done :)